Florida Strawberry Festival: A Sweet Celebration of Sunshine State’s Finest


Florida Strawberry Festival

The Florida Strawberry Festival is a delightful event that celebrates the bountiful and delicious strawberries grown in the heart of the Sunshine State. It’s a beloved tradition that has been enticing visitors for decades with its vibrant entertainment, mouthwatering food, and a glimpse into the thriving strawberry industry. In this article, we’ll take you through the rich history, the significance of strawberries in Florida, and all the attractions that make this festival a must-visit.

How It All Began

The roots of the Florida Strawberry Festival can be traced back to the early 1930s, when members of the Plant City Lions Club conceived the idea of a festival to celebrate the strawberry harvest. The first festival was held in 1930 and was a modest affair. Over the years, it has grown significantly in size and scope.

Florida Strawberry Festival A Thriving Industry

Florida is one of the largest strawberry producers in the United States, and strawberries have become a significant part of the state’s agricultural economy. The festival serves as a platform to showcase the importance of strawberries in Florida, highlighting their impact on the local economy and beyond.

When and Where to Visit

The Florida Strawberry Festival usually takes place in late winter, typically in late February or early March. It’s hosted in Plant City, which is often referred to as the “Winter Strawberry Capital of the World.” The festival’s location is a nod to the city’s deep-rooted connection with strawberry farming.

Entertainment Galore

One of the festival’s major draws is its entertainment lineup. You can expect live music from renowned artists, thrilling shows, and performances that cater to all age groups. The festival’s stages are always buzzing with energy, making it a perfect place to kick back and enjoy.

Savoring Strawberry-Inspired Delicacies

A visit to the Florida Strawberry Festival wouldn’t be complete without indulging in an array of strawberry-inspired culinary delights. From strawberry shortcakes to strawberry jam, you’ll find everything your taste buds desire. The festival’s food vendors get creative with strawberries, offering both sweet and savory options.

A Glimpse into Strawberry Farming

For those curious about the process of growing strawberries, the Florida Strawberry Festival offers a range of agricultural exhibits. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the cultivation of this vibrant fruit and gain insights into the hard work that goes into producing the strawberries we all love.

Florida Strawberry Festival

Arts and Crafts

Apart from delicious treats, the Florida Strawberry Festival also hosts arts and crafts exhibits, showcasing unique handcrafted items. You can shop for everything from jewelry to home decor, making it the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind treasures.

Fun for All Ages

The Florida Strawberry Festival is family-friendly, with a wide variety of rides and games for kids and adults alike. From thrilling rides to classic carnival games, there’s no shortage of fun activities to enjoy.

Giving Back to the Community

The Florida Strawberry Festival is not just about entertainment and food; it’s also about community involvement and charity. The festival supports various local charities, making it a wonderful example of how a fun event can also have a positive impact on the community.

Live Music and Shows

The Florida Strawberry Festival is a paradise for music enthusiasts. The festival’s stages host a wide range of musical genres, from country to rock and pop. You can catch live performances from both local talents and big-name artists. It’s not just about the music; there are also entertaining shows that add to the festival’s vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re a fan of country tunes or enjoy a more diverse musical experience, you won’t be disappointed.

Fun Rides and Games

If you’re visiting the Florida Strawberry Festival with your family, be sure to explore the thrilling rides and games section. From Ferris wheels and roller coasters to classic carnival games, there’s something for everyone. The festival’s amusement rides offer fun for both children and the young at heart. It’s a great way to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Strawberry Shortcake Competition

For those who appreciate the art of baking, the strawberry shortcake competition is a must-see. Talented bakers from near and far gather to present their best strawberry shortcakes. It’s a delicious contest that will leave your taste buds craving more. You can even sample some of these delectable creations and choose your favorite.

Community Engagement and Charity

The Florida Strawberry Festival isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about giving back to the community. The festival supports various local charities and initiatives. By attending, you not only have a great time but also contribute to causes that make a positive impact on the community. It’s a win-win situation where fun and philanthropy come together.

Exploring the Agricultural Exhibits

For those with a curiosity about the strawberry industry and agriculture in general, the Florida Strawberry Festival offers a fascinating array of agricultural exhibits. Here, you can learn about the intricacies of strawberry cultivation, from planting to harvesting. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the hard work and dedication that local farmers put into bringing those delicious strawberries to your table.

Arts and Crafts Extravaganza

In addition to being a showcase for strawberries, the Florida Strawberry Festival is a haven for arts and crafts enthusiasts. Visitors can stroll through rows of booths filled with handcrafted items. From jewelry and clothing to home d├ęcor and pottery, there’s a wealth of unique and artisanal creations to discover. This is the perfect place to pick up a distinctive gift or keepsake to remember your visit.

Giving Back to the Community

The Florida Strawberry Festival embodies the spirit of community engagement and charity. It actively supports various local charities and initiatives, which is a testament to its commitment to giving back. By attending the festival, you not only enjoy yourself but also contribute to meaningful causes that positively impact the community. It’s a heartwarming aspect of the festival’s mission.

Immersing Yourself in Strawberry Culture

The Florida Strawberry Festival offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in strawberry culture. You can visit educational exhibits where you’ll learn about the lifecycle of strawberries, their role in the local economy, and the art of strawberry farming. These interactive displays are not only informative but also entertaining, making learning about agriculture a fun experience for all ages.

Arts and Crafts Galore

The festival’s arts and crafts section is a treasure trove of creativity and craftsmanship. You can explore a wide range of items crafted by talented artisans. From intricate jewelry to hand-painted pottery, you’ll find an array of unique and beautiful pieces. Many festivalgoers use this opportunity to discover one-of-a-kind gifts for loved ones or collect unique mementos from their visit.

Family-Friendly Fun

The Florida Strawberry Festival is renowned for being a family-friendly event. With a diverse offering of thrilling rides, interactive games, and wholesome entertainment, there’s no shortage of things to do with kids. The festival is a place where children can enjoy classic carnival rides and engage in fun activities, creating cherished memories for the entire family.

Miss Florida Strawberry Pageant – A Night of Elegance

The Miss Florida Strawberry Pageant is not just a beauty contest but a celebration of talent, grace, and community involvement. Young women from the community compete for the prestigious title, and the pageant is a night of elegance and poise. Attendees get to witness the grace and achievements of these accomplished women, adding a touch of sophistication to the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.

Giving Back – A Festival with a Heart

The Florida Strawberry Festival has always been about more than entertainment and indulgence. It’s a festival with a heart, supporting local charities and community initiatives. By attending, you’re contributing to these worthwhile causes and playing a part in the festival’s commitment to making a positive impact on the community. The Florida Strawberry Festival is a beautiful way to combine enjoyment with generosity.

Cultural Richness and Entertainment

The Florida Strawberry Festival isn’t just about celebrating a beloved fruit; it’s also a reflection of the local culture. It’s an event that brings the community together, showcasing the rich heritage of the region. You can expect to find cultural performances, traditional music, and art that represent the diverse and vibrant essence of Florida. The festival is a fusion of past and present, a place where the community’s history comes to life.

Diverse Culinary Delights

While strawberries take center stage, the festival’s food offerings go beyond the fruit itself. You’ll discover a diverse range of culinary delights that cater to various tastes. From classic fair food like corn dogs and funnel cakes to international cuisines and innovative strawberry dishes, there’s something to satisfy every palate. It’s a food lover’s paradise, where every meal is an adventure.

Artistry on Display

For art enthusiasts, the festival is an art lover’s dream come true. The arts and crafts section showcases an array of creations that are both beautiful and functional. From hand-painted canvases to handmade wooden furniture, there’s a showcase of artistic expression that captivates the senses. It’s an excellent place to appreciate creativity and find unique pieces to adorn your home.

Enriching the Young Minds

The festival is designed to be an educational experience for children. With various exhibits and hands-on activities, it’s a fantastic opportunity for young minds to learn about agriculture, horticulture, and the importance of sustainable practices. The festival’s commitment to education and its interactive approach make it a unique family outing that combines entertainment with learning.

Engaging with Local Talent

The festival is a platform for local artists, musicians, and performers to showcase their talents. When you visit, you not only enjoy top-notch entertainment but also support the local creative community. From emerging bands to seasoned performers, the festival provides a stage for homegrown talent to shine, making it a remarkable display of local culture.

Supporting Local Businesses

Another delightful aspect of the festival is that it supports local businesses. The vendors who participate are often small, local entrepreneurs who take pride in offering their products and services. By purchasing from these vendors, you’re not only getting unique, handcrafted items, but you’re also contributing to the success of local businesses.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

The Florida Strawberry Festival is not only about strawberries but also about celebrating the diversity of the local community. It’s a cultural mosaic where you can witness and partake in traditions, music, and art from various backgrounds. The festival embraces the multi-faceted identity of Florida, offering a rich tapestry of experiences for visitors.

Savoring Unique Flavors

While strawberry-based dishes are the stars of the show, the festival also introduces you to innovative and unique culinary creations. From strawberry-infused barbecue sauces to exotic strawberry pairings, you’ll be amazed by the inventive ways the fruit is used. It’s an opportunity to push your taste boundaries and enjoy food adventures you won’t find elsewhere.

Artistic Expression at Its Best

The arts and crafts section at the festival goes beyond mere exhibition. It’s a testament to the power of artistic expression, featuring pieces that evoke emotions and inspire creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned art connoisseur or simply appreciate beauty, the art displays at the festival will leave a lasting impression.

A Lesson in Agriculture

The festival is an excellent venue for children to learn about agriculture, horticulture, and sustainable practices. They can engage with real farmers, explore agricultural exhibits, and understand where their food comes from. It’s an eye-opening experience that fosters a deeper connection to the environment and the importance of responsible farming.

Showcasing Local Businesses

Local businesses play a vital role in the success of the festival. The vendors who set up shop are often family-owned enterprises, and their products range from unique handcrafted items to delicious, locally sourced foods. By shopping at these stalls, you’re contributing to the livelihoods of local entrepreneurs and savoring the heart and soul of the community.

Connecting Generations

One of the remarkable aspects of the Florida Strawberry Festival is its ability to bridge generational gaps. It’s a place where grandparents can share cherished memories with their grandchildren. The festival provides a space for people of all ages to come together, reminisce about the past, and create new memories that will be passed down through the generations.

Encouraging Sustainable Practices

In recent years, the festival has embraced the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility. You may find initiatives that promote recycling, reduce waste, and encourage responsible consumption. The festival’s commitment to sustainability shows that it’s not just about enjoying the present but also about preserving the future.

Fostering a Sense of Community

The festival embodies the spirit of unity and community. It’s a place where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate a shared love for strawberries, culture, and good times. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor from afar, the festival welcomes you with open arms, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Delightful After-Hours Entertainment

While the daytime festivities are enchanting, the nighttime at the Florida Strawberry Festival brings its own magic. The festival offers a vibrant nightlife with live concerts and performances that continue into the evening. It’s a fantastic way to extend your day of fun and create unforgettable moments under the stars.

A Hub for Creative Expression

The festival’s arts and crafts section is more than just a marketplace; it’s a hub for creative expression. It encourages artists and artisans to showcase their unique talents, and visitors have the opportunity to connect with these creators, appreciating their artistry and the stories behind each piece.

Contributing to the Local Economy

One of the festival’s unspoken virtues is its contribution to the local economy. By attracting thousands of visitors, it bolsters local businesses, hotels, and restaurants, providing an economic boost to the region. Your visit not only enriches your experience but also supports the livelihood of those who call Florida home.

Tips for the Perfect Visit

As you prepare to immerse yourself in the Florida Strawberry Festival experience, here are some final tips to ensure your visit is truly exceptional:

Be a Part of the Parade: If there’s a strawberry parade during the festival, join in the festivities and experience the vibrant atmosphere.

Discover the Unexpected: Don’t be afraid to explore lesser-known attractions and stalls. Sometimes, the best discoveries are off the beaten path.

Interact with the Locals: Engage with the festival staff and vendors to get insider tips and local insights.

Stay for the Spectacular Finale: The festival often concludes with a spectacular fireworks display, so make sure to stay for this unforgettable grand finale.

Plan for Next Year: After enjoying the festival, consider planning your visit for next year. You’ll always find something new and exciting to experience.


In conclusion, the Florida Strawberry Festival is a multi-faceted celebration that transcends the simple concept of a fruit festival. It’s a cultural extravaganza, an artistic showcase, a family-friendly adventure, and an opportunity to support local businesses and artists. With a sense of community and a commitment to sustainability, the festival invites you to be a part of something truly special.


What is the best way to get to the Florida Strawberry Festival if I’m visiting from out of town?

Depending on your location, you can reach the festival by car or use public transportation. Some visitors also opt for rideshare services.

Can I purchase festival tickets for multiple days, or is it a one-day admission only?

The festival typically offers both single-day and multi-day admission options. Check the festival’s official website for details.

Are there any opportunities for visitors to volunteer and become a part of the festival’s operations?

The festival may offer volunteer opportunities for those interested in being part of the event’s success. You can usually find information on volunteering on the festival’s official website.

What are some of the most popular live performances and concerts that visitors can expect at the festival?

The festival often hosts a diverse lineup of live performances, including country, rock, pop, and more. It’s recommended to check the festival’s schedule for details on the latest and most popular acts.

Are there any additional activities or events for children and families that aren’t covered in the festival’s regular programming?

While the festival offers a wide range of family-friendly activities, special children’s events or programs may be available. It’s advisable to explore the festival’s official website or contact the organizers for specific information on children’s activities.

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